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Henn Lures Four5

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the four5

The four5 or four-five or 4.5 is our first swimbait released here at Henn Lures. This bait was designed to mimic the action and profile of a finger mullet, one of the most loved inshore baits. While it is only 4.5" long it is actually quite a hefty bait. This portly little guy has the gentle thump and slow wiggle of a baby mullet.

While this bait loves to be slow rolled, it'll handle any speed you want to pull it. No rolls, flips or washouts. But man do they love that gentle slow roll thump. We've been fishing this bait on 3/4oz and 1oz heads in most conditions. But you can step down to a 1/2oz head if you're fishing skinnier water. We also throw this body on a 1.5oz or 2oz when the current is ripping and we wanna bottom bounce.
Speaking of bottom bouncing, this bait was designed with exactly that in mind. Instead of that sharp profile on the belly you'll find in most baits, we started with a flat belly that angles in towards the head. The result is a bait that wants to sit upright.

While no miracle worker in snaggy spots, we have noticed this bait is more likely to bounce off hangups. It also looks super cool while you're rigging your baits. 

Since we started with the head, the profile works together perfectly. This little guy is ready to swim any style in any water.