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Henn Lures

Henn Lures Shrinnow

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the "Shrinnow"

Is it a shrimp? Is it a minnow? We're still not sure. This bait is the evolution of a micro bait solution discovered and progressed by our design team. We took the split tail concept and made it fit the profile of our micro baits and magic happened.

This is the single lure that ensures that fishing stays fun for us. If stuck with one lure the rest of our lives, this would be it. There isn't a fish in the sea that doesn't eat minnows or shrimp and this lure illustrates just that. 

Clocking in at just over a couple inches, don't be fooled by the size. You better be ready for giants. This mighty mite has already produced multiple over 40" snook, landed tarpon in the 40-60 lb range and broken off or pulled hook on the full sized silver dragons.

Bottom bounce it, twitch it or just reel it straight in slow as possible, it don't matter. Just make sure you hold on tight. See what its about, grab some shrinnows, join the peanut gang.