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Henn Lures

Henn Lures Solid 7

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the Solid 7

If you're thinking this bait is 7", you'd be correct. The Solid 7 is all about profile. We wanted to come up with something that provided the profile fish are looking for but without an overwhelming kick. The goal being something that can be fished like an eel (or jig), can be swept like a swim bait or can handle the back sweep without a crazy pull. 

To start, we took our most commonly used channel head, the 1.5oz, and designed the bait around it. After much testing we settled on a smaller tail that is similar to what we use on our skipper series. The result is an instant kick with enough vibration to key fish in. Because we like the versatility to run at some of our shallower spots or top sweeping, we also run the same head in tin which brings the weight down to around an ounce.

This bait has been an instant workhorse for us. What started with a specific purpose for snook, has evolved into a bait that goes almost anywhere. This bait has been bounced on wrecks for giant Cuberas, high speed trolled for wahoos, run on a duster for sailfish, thrown on a flare hawk for cobia and the big tarpon have proven to absolutely love it.