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Daiwa KO Jig

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The Daiwa KO Zakana Super Light Jigging (SLJ) bait is a dynamic performer, showcasing gymnastic moves traveling both up and down in the water column & the tumbling action on the fall. The KO Jig really captures the currents, fluttering and tumbling on its way down. Through ingenious design and molding, the KO Jig is tail-weighted. Meaning, the molten metal forms in teardrop form on one end of the jig.

Subsequently, on the drop, the heavier end swooshes out and away, catching currents, and flutters as it descends. Each rip and fall unique in its path of travel. Purposefully erratic. The hooks themselves are top-shelf, saltwater-grade, and feature tinsel tails to emulate a flickering baitfish tail. The KO Jig is available in four colors and sizes, patterns to include MAIWASHI, ZEBRA GLOW GG, COTTON CANDY and BLUE PINK.