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Sightcast Fly Fishing

Easy Crab Claws

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Give your crab flies a realistic claw shape that is made from a tear-resistant, ultra durable material while remaining thin, lightweight and easy to cast.

Use one claw for a Strong Arm Merkin style crab fly or use two claws splayed out if your tying up a defensive crab pattern. One bent arm claw tied in the front of the fly paired with a straight arm claw at the rear creates a fleeing/swimming crab.

Easy Crab Claws feature a convenient “tie-in tab” that your thread will hold firmly in place ensuring accurate placement on the hook shank, help prevent twisting, and increase durability.

The sizes and colors also pair perfectly with the Easy Crab Shells.

It’s the easiest, fastest, and most consistent way to build life-like crab flies that perform well in the water.

  • Quantity: 12 Claws per package

  • Available in 12 colors, two sizes, and two shapes.

Size Guide:

  • Small Size: 1” length.

  • Medium Size: 1 ¼” length.

  • Large Size: 1 ½” length.