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RCI Optics

RCI Optics 9 Mile Bank

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Ballista 2.0 (Leviathan Series Only) is a specially designed material that is a high end ballistic graded frame material that was developed to work alongside the Helius 780 or Helius L25 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens system to pass the MIL-STD 662 ballistics fragmentation test for tactical eyewear.

The RCI Optics lens technology utilizes our proprietary Helius™ advanced polymer that is up to six times denser than polycarbonate or other lens materials. Our Leviathan Series™ sunglasses made with our Ballista 2.0 frame material coupled with our Helius H780 or L25 lenses passes both ANSI Z87-1 and MIL-STD 662 ballistics fragmentation test.

The Leviathans are the pinnacle of eyewear technology. Imagine a product that can deliver ultimate clarity and polarization without compromising function and durability. Imagine a lens that can withstand a T-37 projectile (.15 Caliber Shaped Round) at 650 FPS and Side impacts exceeding 165 FPS while offering high-quality optics, watersheds, anti- static, oleophobic treatments with a mass density that is 6 times greater than traditional polycarbonate

The RCI Optics lens also blocks 100% of the harmful UVA, UVB and UVC. The (HEV) High Energy Visible or Blue Light is dramatically reduced by 95% on our H780 lenses and 88% on our L25 lens system.  These lens systems are the ultimate in sun optics bringing the brilliant colors of the Right Coast to life for an unmatched visual experience.