Best Bang for Your Buck: Nautilus CCF-X2

Best Bang for Your Buck: Nautilus CCF-X2

Under a $600 price point. There is no reel that comes close to the quality of a CCF -X2 from Nautilus Reels. Nautilus has specifically optimized their machining process to keep their pricing competitive and quality top notch. The CCF-X2 series features a fully sealed drag system developed to apply over 20 pounds of drag to the spool. Nautilus also pioneered the customization of fly reels in the saltwater space. Allowing options for different colored anodizing for reel frames and parts. They also have some engraving options available on reels to even further customization options. 

The 6/8 is a perfect inshore 8 weight reel. A perfect match for any fish on our local waters that isn't a migratory tarpon or a big inshore cobia. The reel boasts enough power to stop just about any fish and backing capacity of 200 yards of 20 pound Dacron. You can be a long way away from a trophy bonefish fish and still put the brakes to a big snook with the same reel. The 6/8 is your every day, every situation inshore reel. It also travels well for any bonefish, redfish, or snook and juvenile tarpon trip you might be planning. It will hold a 7wt or a 9wt line just fine but on a lighter rod we think the XL or XL Max fits better and on a bigger rod the 8/10 will be more suited for your needs. 

The 8/10 will fit very well into your quiver on a 9wt and a 10wt rod for chasing permit, bull redfish, and smaller tarpon. The 10/12 has the same size frame with a deeper arbor. It will fit well on a 10 or 11 weight reel again for lighter tarpon use. Or the same applications as the 8/10 in situations where you might need a little more backing. The 8/10 or 10/12 will make you very happy on your next permit or bull redfish excursion. 

The Silver King, while a little more expensive, is still one of the most cost effective quality Tarpon reels you can purchase.  The Silver King features a 5" diameter compared to a 4.5" diameter on the 10/12 frame. This allows the reel to pick up an extra 2" of line per turn compared to the smaller frame reel. The Silver King really shines targeting Tarpon on a 10, 11, or 12 weight rod. It will, however, also excel targeting just about any big game species you'd use a rod bigger than a 10wt for. The reel will hold 250 yards of 30 pound dacron giving it plenty of capacity to tangle with large fish. It only weighs 9.1oz making it a great reel to have on a setup you might be casting all day long with. Think dredging for Tarpon or musky fishing with big flies. Weight savings on the reel will keep you in the game longer and help you catch more fish. It will also hold its own just fine in any daytime Large Tarpon situation, or on your next trip to tangle with GTs.


6/8 - $525

8/10 - $620

10/12 - $645

Silver King - $795

Grab yourself a CCF-X2 here and see what all the fuss is about!

Or order your new custom reel in the reel builder on our website!


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