Best 8wt Reel: Tibor Everglades

Best 8wt Reel: Tibor Everglades

This might not come as a shock to you but we love Tibor fly reels here at Tailwater Outfitters. They're made in Florida. Most of us were made in Florida. We're in Florida. They're the girl next door of fly reels. Kids spend all summer covered in fry grease and lawn clippings to save up enough cash to buy one. The Tibor Everglades is, in our opinion, the quintessential 8WT fly reel. There are others out there that might be tougher, less expensive, or more modern. The Everglades, however, needs none of that to help you put your next trophy next to the boat. 

There is something very satisfying about the ability to pop the spool off of the reel and see every component that makes up the reel. It's simple. It's easy to take care of. Knowing that you can take that reel on a trip and do all the maintenance yourself gives you freedom to fish as hard as you need to. As long as you take care of the reel your kid and their kid can go on that same trip and feel the same way. Classic Tibor fly reels are responsible for breaking more fly world records than any other reel. That count rises every year as people across the globe trust that reel to keep them attached to big fish. 

The aesthetics of a Tibor Everglades will never go out of style. A solid frame reel with classic design will look good no matter what the guys down the way have on their rods. Tibor offers customization in the form of custom colors in the reel frame, spool and parts. You can also get your favorite gamefish engraved on the reel to let everyone know what you're about. 

The cork drag gives you one advantage that you'll never be tired of, the smoothest possible connection between a drag plate and a spool. Cork has been around longer than almost any of us have been. It'll likely be an option for fly fishers long after we are all gone. Smooth, Tough, and easy to work with are timeless features in a fly reel. That cork drag disc gives you all three. 

Maintenance on the reel isn't really much different or more difficult than others. When a day of fishing in the salt is completed, tighten the drag and rinse with fresh water. Allow the reel to dry, back the drag off, and store until your next trip. If the reel happens to take a swim, it's a good idea to take the reel apart. Dry it and re-grease with the proper grease from Tibor. Tibor All purpose grease is good for any moving parts that aren't involved in the drag system (Think pawls, springs, and the fittings). While Tibor Graphite Lube works to keep your cork drag disc in tip top shape. It's not a bad idea to put a small amount of graphite lube on your cork if it will be stored for long periods of time. However it is largely not necessary. Always free spool your reel prior to storage to keep the cork from being depressed. Store your dry reel in its neoprene pouch to keep it from being knicked and scraped unnecessarily. If you ever do damage a reel beyond repair Tibor will service the reel for a necessary fee. 

Do yourself a favor. Add a Tibor Everglades to your quiver. It might not be the reel you pick up to fish every single day. But it could be. You might not have to pass it down to a kid or a grandkid. But you can. It might not have the biggest price tag or the fanciest drag system to ever be built. But it doesn't matter. It might not be your favorite fly reel. But it probably will be. 

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