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$1000 Reel battle : Shimano Stella SW, Daiwa Saltiga, and Van Staal X2

In the realm of top-tier fishing reels, our shop boasts some absolute gems – think of them as the A-list celebrities of the fishing world: the Shimano Stella SW, Daiwa Saltiga, and Van Staal X2. In this comprehensive review, we will conduct an in-depth overview of these three reels, evaluating their features, strengths, and ideal fishing applications.


No Wrong Choice:

Before we dive into these reels, it's essential to note that each of them is exceptional in its own right. Opting for any of these reels guarantees exceptional performance, durability, and seamless operation. There is no wrong choice. The differences between these reels lie in their specific attributes that cater to different fishing situations.

Shimano Stella SW Review:

The Shimano Stella SW emerges as a truly remarkable reel, boasting an impressive array of features. With 14 bearings, it delivers an extraordinarily smooth performance. Weighing 23.8 ounces, it offers commendable lightweight characteristics within its class. Sporting a 6.2:1 gear ratio and a line retrieval speed of 53 inches per crank, it proves versatile across different fishing techniques.

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A standout attribute of Stella is its exceptional drag power, boasting an impressive 55 pounds of drag force. This equips it to tackle even the hardest-fighting fish species. Accommodating 400 yards of 50-pound braid, its line capacity is substantial for a spinning reel. It's important to note that such high performance comes at a premium, with the Shimano Stella SW priced at around $1100.

Daiwa Saltiga Reel Features:

The Daiwa Saltiga stands as a strong contender in this elite category. With 12 bearings, it delivers slightly reduced smoothness compared to the Stella, though it remains impressively sleek. Weighing 23.5 ounces, the weight difference is nearly negligible.

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Matching the Stella in gear ratio and line retrieval speed, the Saltiga offers equal versatility. Boasting 55 pounds of drag force, it handles even the toughest fish. While its line capacity slightly trails at 350 yards of 50-pound braid, it remains substantial for most fishing scenarios. Priced around $1000, the Saltiga presents a slightly more affordable option compared to the Stella.

Van Staal X2 Fishing Applications:

The Van Staal X2 introduces a unique set of features. With 8 bearings, it may not match the smoothness of the other two reels, yet its robust construction compensates effectively. Weighing 25.1 ounces, it carries slightly more weight, offering a comfortable grip.

Featuring a gear ratio of 4.25:1, the X2 provides a slower retrieve, ideal for heavy jigs and larger fish. Its defining feature is the one-piece machined aluminium body, ensuring durability and resilience. Offering 42 pounds of max drag and accommodating 350 yards of 50-pound braid, the X2 appeals to anglers prioritizing durability and torque. Priced at around $950, it stands as the most budget-friendly choice among the trio.

Ideal Fishing Applications:

The Van Staal X2 excels as a rugged and durable reel, catering to anglers who face challenging conditions. Its slower retrieve and high torque make it a prime choice for heavy jigs and battling sizable fish.

While the Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Stella share closely matched specifications, the Saltiga gains an edge with its warranty. Boasting a five-year limited warranty and a five-year cleaning service, it allows you to get much more life out of your reel.


And there you have it: the Shimano Stella SW, Daiwa Saltiga, and Van Staal X2 – it's like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream, but instead, you're selecting your dream fishing reel. Each reel brings its own set of standout features – whether it's Stella's well-rounded prowess, the Saltiga's comprehensive warranty and meticulous servicing, or the X2's unyielding durability and robust torque. No matter what you choose, investing in any of these reels will enable you to make the most of your time on the water.

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