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AFW Haywire Twist Tool

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Make the perfect haywire twists every time with the Hi-Seas Haywire Twist Tool. A true time-saver, this tool wraps wire leader in clean, even twists quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time fishing and less time fumbling with finicky wires. Compatible with Tooth Proof #2 through #15, and other single strand stainless wire with diameters from .28mm to .89mm, it’s able to accommodate most leader wire material. Perfect for working with softer wire, it is ideal for targeting sharp-toothed fish with a wire leader or customizing your favorite swimbait with a stinger hook set up. Wrap your leader wire with consistent twists just like the pro’s using the Hi-Seas Haywire Twist Tool and never fear toothy predators again.

*Note – Product is not for use with titanium leader.