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Ahrex PR380 Texas Predator

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The Ahrex PR380 Texas Predator Hook is great for tying flies that you want to fish in weedy environments or near the bottom.

Ever heard the saying “don't mess with Texas?” You shouldn't mess with the Texas Predator hook either. It is chemically sharpened to be unbelievably sharp and help you hook more fish!

The unique hook shape on the PR380 is designed for you to have less unintentional hookups and more intentional ones. This is a terrific hook for largemouth bass fisherman fishing around weeds and lily pads. Also great for grassy saltwater environments too!

The PR380 Texas Predator Hook has a black nickel finish and is available in sizes 1/0, 3/0 & 5/0.

Each pack contains 8 hooks.