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Aquatic Nutrition

Aquatic Nutrition Live Bait Feed

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 Prime Condition Live Bait Feed    

Quality live bait catches fish… a lot of fish.  Anglers who have the most success are those that understand how to take care of their live bait. Whether it’s how they catch them, where they hold them and especially what they feed them, it is all very important.  Some damage and stress from catching the bait is unavoidable. These fish receive damage and need to be cared for to become prime condition.


Prime Condition Live Bait Feed by Aquatic Nutrition Inc. is scientifically designed with ingredients to provide quality nutrients the baits need. Special additives aid in fast healing and much better disease resistance.  Baits conditioned on this feed will survive in a pen better, swim harder, and last longer.  The difference between fishing success and failure typically comes down to the minor details. Ensure your baits are ready for the trip with Prime Condition Live Bait Feed. MADE IN USA


Key Points:


·        Hardens and heals baits fast


·        Supplies needed energy


·        Slow sinking 


·        High protein and fat


·        Fortified with Prebiotics and Probiotics 


·        Non refrigerated


·        Made with fish, shrimp and squid


·        One pound feeds 50 pounds of baitfish 


·        Tournament Proven!!!




Directions for Use:


Feed once or more per day by sprinkling a small amount in cage or tank. Fish will investigate food as it sinks.  Some baits will require 2-3 days conditioning to eat food.  Once feeding well, feed what the baits will eat in 2-3 minutes, twice daily.  One pound of food feeds 50 pounds of baitfish. Prime Condition Live Bait Feed is not for human consumption nor should it be fed to fish intended for human consumption. Store in a cool dry place. Do not feed moldy or bug infested food.