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Big Drip Outdoors

Big Drip Outdoors- Duo Loadstone

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Whether it’s running thru chop, bow hunting, hiking or fishing on foot, the Loadstone Duo secures your on-the-go essentials, keeping everything exactly where you left it. It is the double sided, hangable version of our mountable Magnum sized Loadstone. Perfect for backpacks, coolers, trucks, UTVs, golf bags, pretty much anything you can think of. Easily mounted through corner with a carabiner, ziptie, twist tie or rope. Also mountable to any magnetic metal object for grab and go usage. 

4.74 inches by 2.3 inches

Loadstone is designed to perform in the harshest marine environments.  It's Neodymium magnetic core is encapsulated in a premium silicone shell that is as easy to clean as it is durable. Its sleek, low-profile design can be mounted virtually anywhere and used to secure hooks, lures, tackle and much more.

Loadstone is the organizational tool you’ll depend on for an extra hand when you need it most.

“You can load that sh*t up with everything!”