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Black Pearl

Black Pearl CG-XTS Invi Series Cast Net

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The CG-XTS Invi Series Cast Nets – “Commercial Grade – Xtreme Tuff Series” are designed for any fishing angler looking for that extra cast net performance edge when it counts the most. Look no further than the New Black Pearl CG-XTS Invi Series Cast Nets for its winning performance, featuring its exclusive MaxSpread cast net design with Double XX-Large netting panels and commercial grade (CG) materials, making it truly an Xtreme Tuff Series (XTS) that every cast netting angler will want in his live bait catching arsenal. In addition to the commercial grade features, the All New Patent Pending Invisible Leadline, “Invi Series” creates the sleekest design in cast net history, providing whisper quiet use on gelcoat, 80% less braille line tangles, slinky fast loading and unloading due to No Exterior Leads. By not having exterior leads to get caught up and grab on each other during loads and unloads, this also translates into the slinkiest and smoothest opening cast net that any live bait catching fisherman has ever witnessed! In addition to these increased performance features of cast net throwing efficiency, it boasts a 100% bottom seal from its internal lead chain effect, has a much higher live bait catch ratio and faster sink speeds due to NO exterior lead drag!

This is Supercharged Technology at its finest, Black Pearl Cast Nets has over 18 years in building cast nets and has spent over 7 years in Research and Development just for this New Invi Series of cast nets. It has taken a tremendous amount of trial and error along with serious money invested to get the New Invi to be Super Slinky in design unlike the stiff commercial Leadcore product used on seines today in the commercial netting industry. The Invi Series has a mere slinkiness like no other cast net manufactered, period. This slinky uniqueness is due to the internal makeup of not only the smaller size of the internal lead but the shape and spacing internally compared to the larger and stiffer characteristics of the commercial leadcore. The Invi has a very complex doubled leadline design that not only creates a more slinky characteristic versus one larger leadline but also the reason for its true patent pending design status. The ALL New 2020 “Invi Series” leaves the competition simply speechless and fisherman to simply Envy the New Invi Series, exclusively by Black Pearl Cast Nets.


“It’s not Magic… Just Magical!” – The New Patented Invi Series!!

Commercial Grade (CG) Cast Net Features:

Cast Nets by Black Pearl - High Performance Features

“No Exterior Lead” to Interlock and Tangle:

Faster and Easier Loading | Easier Throws with Less Effort| Less Braille Tangles | Less Mud & Grass | Soft and Quiet on Gel Coat, No Loud Clanging or Scratching

Invisible Doubled Leadline, Internal Lead Chain Effect

Sleekest design and smooth as silk throws

Less Strength and Energy needed to throw

Faster Cast Net Loading and Unloading speed

Whisper Quiet and Soft on Gelcoat

80% Less Braille tangles, to catch braille lines

Faster Cast Net Sink Speed

100% Bottom Seal, Less Bait Escape, one lead to the next

Less weeds and mud!

Heavy Duty 30 ft. 3/8” floating cast net hand line

Gold Double Selvage at the horn and leadline for double netting thickness and double cast net strength

1,500 lb. black brass swivel for rustproof and overbuilt cast net strength

6 Panel Double XX-Large Exclusive MaxSpread cast net design

Large 3 1/4″ Commercial Grade cast net 4-way horn

Excess 100 Lb Braille lines – 32 Brailles for 8 ft and 36 Brailles for 11 ft for Maximum Cast Net Closure

1.65 Lbs. of lead per radius ft. for Max cast net sink speed and Higher Volume live bait catch rates

Commercial Grade netting strength while maintaining extraordinary limpness for Maximum Cast Net opening

30 Ft Hollow Braided 3/8″ Floating cast net handline