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Cajun Thunder

Cajun Thunder

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The Cajun Thunder is a weighted, nosier, more versatile version of the Equalizer.  Cajun Thunder and its siblings are icons and have no equal as surface fish attractors.  Two solid brass beads and two large plastic beads replace the eight bead 

set-up on the Equalizer.  The brass beads not only intensify the bait-click, but also transfer weight from the leader to the Cajun Thunder, which enhances the action of  live bait or an artificial jig.  The added weight also allows for longer casts.  The Cajun Thunder is available in oval and cigar shapes in the colors listed below; 1 per pack.

Item number                                                Description               

15401                                              Orange 2.5" weighted oval

15402                                              Green 2.5" weighted oval

15403                                              Yellow 2.5" weighted oval

15404                                              Pink 2.5" weighted oval

15405                                              Sunglo 2.5" weighted oval


15301                                              Orange 3" weighted cigar

15302                                              Green 3" weighted cigar

15303                                              Yellow 3" weighted cigar

15304                                              Pink 3" weighted cigar

15305                                              Sunglo 3" weighted cigar