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Sightcast Fly Fishing

Copper-Top Shrimp

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This fly has all the usual characteristics of a shrimp including our custom-made black-pupil mono shrimp eyes, long antenna, striped segmented legs, and some calf tail that completes the shrimpy-looking mouth. When retrieved with quick short strips it closely resembles a fleeing shrimp. This fly is weightless which gives it a slow sink rate and lets it stay high in the water column. It's perfect for targeting big trophy Trout on the flats or throwing it at Redfish in the back marshes.

  • Get a 3-Pack at a discounted price.

  • Colors:

    • Copper/Rust

    • White/Sand

    • Black/Purple

  • Hook: Size 2 Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: Yes

  • Target species: Redfish, Trout