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Savage Gear

Savage Gear 5" Duratech Dragon Tail

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Expanding Savage Gear’s highly successful line of Dragontail worms, the Savage Gear Duratech Dragontail Slug is the middle sibling that offers anglers unmatched versatility. Perfect for fishing weightless like a traditional soft plastic stick bait or even behind your favorite jig as a trailer the options are absolutely endless, the Savage Gear Duratech Dragontail Slug features an asymmetrical design, which gives the tail a subtle swimming action that undulates through the water. The extreme ribbed body also displaces copious amounts of water, creating a strong vibration that predators can hone-in on even in dirty water and low light conditions.

Not only does the Savage Gear Duratech Dragontail Slug provide a phenomenal fish catching action, but it is also made from a custom Duratech formulation that is extremely durable and can withstand tons of abuse from toothy freshwater and saltwater species. Available in multiple sizes and colors, the Savage Gear Duratech Dragontail Slug is a must-have soft plastic for every tackle box.