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ER Crab

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"Emergency Room" this fly will need time in ICU after being crushed by Permit. This fly is an updated version of Jan Isly's raghead crab. I was tired of mixing epoxy and carpet fibers, that is messy, time consuming, and difficult to get a consistent shape. One of the keys to this crab is that it uses an adhesive that remains rigid yet flexible. Any hard epoxy crab can and will break loose from the shank and block the gap of the hook at an incredibly inopportune time, when a permit crunches the crap out of it. Crushed hooks, broken epoxy bodies, and broken lead eyes are common after a Permit takes the fly and uses it's large crushers to pulverize the crab. By having a flexible body, it will never break loose and block the gap of the hook. This fly has caught Permit and Bonefish all over the place and will work anywhere for any fish that like crabs. It is tied in a larger, heavier size for typical Permit conditions and depths of 3–8 feet, and it is tied in a smaller and lighter version for skinnier water and calmer conditions. The smaller version is a great pattern for large tailing bonefish in 1–2 feet of water."