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Extant Labs

Extant Labs Reel Care Combo

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The REEL CARE COMBO contains 1x REEL DEFENSE Reel Grease and 1x STARCASTER Reel Bearing Oil, both in 10ml syringes.

REEL DEFENSE is a lightweight gel-grease formulated specifically for lubricating the gears, drag washers, and sliding internal parts of fishing reels. Its gel composition won't get gummy or slow in cold environments or upon exposure to salt water. REEL DEFENSE also creates protective oil films that spread across the internal parts and prevent corrosion. Contains no harmful fluorocarbon lubricants like PTFE, PFA, etc. Don't use REEL DEFENSE in roller or ball bearing assemblies. That's what STARCASTER is for!

STARCASTER is a high-speed bearing oil for the ball and roller bearing assemblies of fishing reels. The aerospace-grade blend of synthetic and distillate oils is formulated for long-lasting and long-casting performance, especially in the spool bearings of bait casting reels. Anti-corrosive additives protect bearings from corrosion in harsh environments. STARCASTER uses the highest quality base oils and won't gum up over time. Contains no harmful fluorocarbon lubricants like PTFE, PFA, etc.