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Flyvines Recycled Fly Line Dog Leash

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Flyvines Recycled Fly Line Dog Leash


Flyvines Dog products are a must for anyone who has a dog that just can’t seem to stay out of the water!  Not only are they colorful, and unique, they are extremely durable and waterproof.  Our dog collars help your dog show of their personality, and the leash seems to be an attention getter in any crowd.

The Flyvines Recycled Fly Line Dog Leash

The Flyvines Dog Leash is the perfect accessory to go with the Flyvines Dog Collar. Available in 3 or 6 feet in length. Select your preferred width of approximately 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch. Both are lightweight and strong enough to handle large dogs.  We recommend you putting your preferred color in the comment box, we do our best to accommodate.

If you have a specific color request, please put it in the order instructions. We will match it as best we can.