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Gamakatsu SC17 100pk

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3X Strong, Short Shanked, Short Beaked, Upturned Eye.

Brace yourselves, the Gamakatsu SC17 Tarpon hook is beefy, heavy duty, mondo strength, and fully loaded for Tarpon bigger than your Guide flats boat. The steel in the SC17 is rated at #x strong (we believe every X of it); the hook is short shanked and beaked but the bed back at the cabin has not been short-sheeted, we hope. The rung eye on this hook has the most gentle elegant up-turn to it, barely noticeable. The Gamakatsu SC17 is one fine saltwater hook and we use it for all of our flies that are tied to target big fish with tough mouths. Size 1/0 - 12 per pack Size 2/0, 3/0 - 10 per pack