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Ahi USA Live Deception Spoon

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The Ahi USA Live Deception Weedless Spoon is an innovation we have been developing for a while and we are hyped to launch it at ICAST 2023! Our precise technology of transferring real fish images onto an artificial lure has been a hallmark of the Ahi USA brand in the bluewater/offshore market and we are ready to apply the same proven technology in the inshore fishing community. 

Inshore anglers who have spent time on the flats or backcountry will tell you one of the most effective lures to fish on the boat is a weedless spoon. We improved upon this effective style of lure by utilizing our laser-printing technology to transfer real life inshore fish images directly onto a weedless spoon. We also added a unique arched nose design to create a more enticing erratic wobble fish cannot resist. 

The images on our new weedless spoons capture the most recognizable game fish images, Redfish and Speckled Seatrout, found throughout the Southeast as well as the top two bait fish use to catch a multitude of inshore species, namely, Pinfish and Mullet. Add in two more must-have gold pattern designs, Natural Gold and Flash Gold, and you have a fish catching assortment that applies to any inshore/backcountry application found.