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Mirrolure 52MR

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These legends have been producing trophy fish for decades. Their life-like appearance, "built-in" flash and 3-D fiery red eyes are irresistible to all game fish. The 51MR, 52M and 52MR sink at a rate of one foot per second. We recommend using the 51MR series when fishing shallows (three feet or less) because the line attachment is in the lure's nose. Great wading lure!

Model: 51MR, Length: 3-5/8", Weight: 1/2 Oz. Depth: 3-8'+
Available Colors: 11, 18, 21, 24, 26, 28, 750, 808, CFPR, CH, CH11, CHBL, FT, GLOW, HP, NS, PD, S