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Far Bank

Rio's Brammer Skinny Dipper

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A good way to explain the Skinny Dipper would be comparing a Bucktail Deceiver to a Bulkhead Deceiver, or my Jerk Jr. to my Fuzz Jr. In both cases one fly appears more sleek, slender, and can be tied compressed more 2D as is common for species such as Shiners. Whereas the others sport a full head profile and often more tubular bodies common for Mullet, Suckers, and Sculpin. The Skinny-Dipper came about as the application of these two ideas. The Rich Strolis Double Brush technique split between hooks for proper taper, while providing a Counterpart to the High and Tight profile of the Super Jerk. To finish it off, I went to the weightless Deer Hair Muddler Head which provided not only the Silhouette Counterpart that I needed but an Action Counterpart as well.