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Sea Striker

Sea Striker Cedar Plug

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The number one tuna fish lure on the East Coast is fast catching on around the world. Available in real natural cedar or a variety of colors. Rigged or unrigged, this lure is great for all gamefish. Cedar Plugs™ are available in 4”, 6”, and 8” lengths. Models rigged “east coast” style have 8’ of leader, a plastic thimble and 3412 Mustad hooks as follows: 4” has a 8/0, 6” has a 10/0, and 8” has a 10/0 hook. The 4” is rigged with 100 lb. test mono, the 6” and 8” are rigged with 150 lb. test mono. Models rigged “West Coast” style have 4’ of mono and a 2/0 crane barrel swivel. The shorter leader allows for casting if desired.