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Shimano Aldebaran BFS

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Think slithering light lures on water surfaces. The pinnacle of all bait finesse models, perfect for low trajectory casts.

The Aldebaran BFS is the first baitcast finesse reel to have the MGL spool III incorporated into its design. The low moment of inertia of the spool allows for more precise casts even with a low loading on the rod. The Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system uses magnets as its operating principle to minimize backlash yet allows for casting distances to be stretched to their maximum automatically. This brake unit is not installed on the spool itself, allowing for a low moment of inertia. The power of the brake unit is adjusted using the dial which controls the surface area of overlap between the magnets and the spool. At its lowest setting, the latest FTB system integrates a small ring to allow for any magnetic force to be absorbed, giving almost zero resistance to the spool for a long cast. On top of the reel's light weight of 130g, the lineup comes with the MicroModule Gear II for smoothness and Exciting Drag Sound to light up the fire in all anglers!

SKU Retrieve Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn
Mono Capacity
(lb test/yd)
Bearings Max Drag
ALDBFSHGL Left Hand 7.8:1 28in 6/50 10+1 8lb
ALDBFSHGR Right Hand 7.8:1 28in 6/50 10+1 8lb