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Sightcast Fly Fishing

Spoon Fly Cutouts

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Looking to create and tie your own spoon flies? We took out all the hard work and made it easy to whip some up before your next trip.

For complete illustrated instructions on how to tie a spoon fly, check out the article under the “Reports” menu section: How To: Tying Spoon Flies

Each package contains 18 pre-cut spoons that are a perfect fit for the SFH20 Spoon Fly Hooks and have a deadly wobble effect in the water. Just tie on some tail/wing material, wrap the hook shank with flash or flat braid, secure the tie down tabs on the Spoon Cutout, and then cover with any epoxy.

  • For a traditional style spoon fly, use the Size #2 SFH20 Spoon Fly Hook.

  • For a “Shrimpadillo” style spoon fly, use the Size #1 SFH20 Spoon Fly Hook.

  • Quantity: 18 spoon cutouts per package.

  • Available in 16 color options.

  • Featuring convenient extra long tie-in tabs.

  • All cutouts have an adhesive silver scale backing. Try sticking two different cutouts together for contrasting top and bottom colors.

  • The Crushed Backing Cutouts are made of a thinner material and are meant to be applied to the back side of a regular cutout. (All cutouts have adhesive backing).