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Tibor Backcountry Reel

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Special Features

  • Made from solid aluminum bar stock and has very few parts.
  • Features a drag that cannot be set excessively tight, yet the spool won't over run if you pull line rapidly from it.
  • Spool is easily removable. Extra spools are available.
  • A clicker monitors line going out or coming in. 
  • Comes with a thick neoprene was AND a clear pocket window.

Please note: Exceeding the recommended capacity by over-filling the spool and/or putting line on too tightly or with too much tension may damage the spool and is not covered under warranty. Please refer to the capacity chart above as your guide. Monofilment line is not recommended for use on Tibor reels. Should you have any questions about backing for your reel, please contact your authorized Tibor Dealer.

Weights    Rods     Frame Size      Capacity 
6 oz.          5-7        3.50" x 1.50"    150 yds. w/65 lb. Gelspun

Reels Retail: $575 / Spools Retail: $278