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Umpqua Homeslice

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We first heard about this pattern from some guests of ours that did a trip to Cuba for Tarpon and the outfitter insisted they had to have this pattern!  At the time, we didn't stock this fly and didn't know about it.  Our loyal customers went AWOL and bought them someplace else and it was their #1 fly on the Liveaboard yacht they fished on all week. With 8 anglers on the boat, they jumped over 100 Tarpon on the Homeslice and it was the most effective out of all patterns they tried. While it did get rejected every now and then, it was evident that this was they fly to have.

  • Use the 1/0  for Baby Tarpon and fishing within the Mangroves where other critters like Snook and Snapper might be in play.
  • The 3/0 is excellent for larger Tarpon opportunities and the hook is excellent for trophy fish in the 100+ pound range.