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Z Man

Z Man Pro Bulletz

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About this product

A Texas rig and a weedless jig in one, the Pro BulletZ™ weedless jighead features a built-in bullet sinker and a custom size 3/0 or 4/0 heavy duty VMC extra wide gap jig hook. A molded keeper holds ElaZtech softbaits securely, allows for quick and easy rigging, and prevents baits from sliding down the hook shank on missed strikes. A keeled belly weight couples with the natural buoyancy of the ElaZtech® material to provide the perfect 45-degree posture when baits settle to the bottom on the pause.  Its snag-free, bullet shaped jighead marries seamlessly with popular Z-Man baits, including the Pro CrawZ™, GOAT™, and Hella CrawZ™, as well as a variety of other standard size Z-Man swimbaits, worms, creatures, and craws.