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Z Man

Z Man Streakz Curly Tailz

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About this product

A fat minnow body and tapering, curly tail enable the StreakZ Curly TailZ™ to produce a unique and lifelike swimming action. Extremely versatile, these baits can be rigged in a variety of manners and fished with a straight, slow retrieve, erratic jerking action, or anything in between.  Offered in a wide array of vibrant colors to suit the needs of fresh- and saltwater anglers worldwide, a deep belly slot allows for easy rigging and solid hooksets.  A favorite of East Coast saltwater anglers for redfish, flounder, and seatrout, the 4” model pairs perfectly with the venerable Trout Eye® jigheads, while the 5” version is sized to fit the larger Redfish Eye® jigheads.