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Z Man

Z Man Trout Trick

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Legendary 5" inshore profile triggers reaction strikes from seatrout and other saltwater species when paired with our Trout Eye™ jighead, twitched sharply twice, and allowed to fall to the bottom on a semi-slack line!
Developed, refined, and popularized right in our backyard in South Carolina by former tournament bass angler turned inshore saltwater guide Bob Sanders and now available in Z-Man's exclusive 10X Tough ElaZtech® material, the TroutTrick® is absolutely deadly not just on spotted seatrout, but also redfish, flounder, stripers, bass, and more! A slim, ribbed body that emits vibrations on the rise and fall gives way to a tapering pintail, offering a narrow profile that darts erratically on a twitching retrieve, mimicking fleeing shrimp and baitfish.  To fish the TroutTrick, simply give the rod two sharp twitches, then allow the bait to fall vertically to the bottom on a semi-slack line.  Try pairing it with a Trout Eye® jighead to create the perfect inshore saltwater system.  Initially available in only the Mood Ring color (still a best-seller), the TroutTrick® is now offered in a variety of essential colors for a range of inshore fisheries across the Gulf and East coasts, including several designed by Capt. C.A. Richardson of FlatsClass fame!